euro commemorative coins
euro commemorative coins

euro commemorative coins

Not being an expert in numismatics, you want to know what a 2 euro commemorative coin is? We will enlighten you on this point.

2 euro commemorative coins are like regular coins. On the other hand, they are distinguished by their meaning, since they serve to celebrate an important event in the history of a country. Depending on the event to be commemorated, the image engraved in the center of each coin varies.

Note that each country can only issue 2 x 2 euro coins per year. It should also be noted that commemorative coins have a higher value, as they are rare. Indeed, some coins can be worth hundreds of euros. As a reminder, the first commemorative 2 euro coin was issued in Greece in 2004, on the occasion of the Athens Olympic Games.


This year, Charlene of Monaco was unable to celebrate her wedding anniversary with her family. Indeed, because of her recovery from an ENT infection, she stayed in South Africa. Nevertheless, the princess did not fail to dedicate a video on Instagram to her husband.

To mark this event, the Principality has also decided to issue a 2 euro commemorative coin for the 2021 vintage. But before describing this coin to you, here is a brief summary of the couple’s history.

Prince Albert II, Hereditary Prince of Monaco, and Charlene Wittstock met in 2000 during a swimming competition. They then resumed contact only in 2005, when Charlène presents her condolences to the Prince following the death of Prince Rainier.

The following year, they made an appearance together at the Turin Winter Olympics. They would be seen together many more times, until the palace announced their engagement on June 23, 2010.

As for the civil wedding and the religious wedding, they will take place on July 1 and 2, 2021. All of Monaco will remember this festive weekend animated by magnificent ceremonies, a concert and fireworks.

Description of the part

The date of issue of the 2 euro commemorative coin dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the princely marriage is scheduled for October 6, 2021. These coins will only be issued in proof quality, with a total mintage of 15,000 coins.

The coin is bimetallic with the heart in nickel silver and the ring in cupronickel. The coin weighs 8.5 g and is 25.75 mm in diameter and 2.20 mm thick.

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